Why Capitol

  • Capitol Public School offers a high quality academic programme within the framework of CBSE curriculum which is designed to meet the needs of the students.
  • We provide lots of opportunities and activities to foster necessary skills interpersonal, social, communication or academic and to excel in whatever they do.
  • The curriculum at all levels is flexible.
  • Upgrading of facilities and facilitators are one of our top priorities. The educational services provided are aligned with the vision and mission of the school.
  • Capitol Public School is committed to excellence and the vision challenges to build a new generation.
  • Every element of the school is designed to motivate the students develop the skills, right action and attitude.
  • The students will experience the creative learning environment be it a class, sports field, labs etc.
  • Apart from academic subjects Capitol offers the extensive array of co-curricular and extra curricular activities and competitive sports.
  • Many competitive exams like International Assessment For Indian Schools (IAIS) Science & Math Olympiad are conducted to upgrade the student’s knowledge levels. Capitol strives to meet the 21st century needs and prepares children to face challenges and become successful with flying colours.